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VAXINE - frontal lobotomy Lp
  • VAXINE - frontal lobotomy Lp

VAXINE - frontal lobotomy Lp

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After their 2019 demo and their debut 7" in 2020, VAXINE return with a full-length album like the ones before, long, with 13 songs in almost 30 minutes. This Brooklyn quartet already has its homework done being part of some of your favorites like PMS84, PORVENIR OSCURO, EXTENDED HELL, etc... just to name a few. The sound continues on the path of more classic British punk and perhaps less noisy and more classic if possible in these new songs. GBH, THE EXPLOITED or MAYHEM are the first bands that easily come to mind, like that whole British horde that blew up punk in those years, creating one of the best things that could have happened to humanity; UK82. Frontal lobotomy could have been perfectly conceived at that time. year 82 in any suburb of any English city, but no, VAXINE are here and now.


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