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ROTURA - Al Otro Lado Lp
  • ROTURA - Al Otro Lado Lp

ROTURA - Al Otro Lado Lp

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After its brutal 2021 debut with the LP "estamos fracasando", ROTURA once again puts itself in the hands of Xavi Escribano to record 8 new cuts that give shape to its new and long-awaited LP "al otro lado". The formula of this trio remains unchanged and that is, when something is good and you are good with it...why change it? Punk in its most melodic side where the flashes to the past of ELEKTRODUENDES or contemporary classics like SUICIDAS. Punk full of melody and politics, a slightly less dark sound than on their first album, but the same frenetic drums keeping time with solid bass lines and guitar riffs in the perfect balance between distortion and melody. And elevating everything is Silvia's voice that makes the songs her own and the sound of ROTURA something unique, only relegated to sharing the spotlight with the luxury collaboration that is reserved for the song "tunel de plastico". Proud to see good friends create such genius, being without a doubt another modern PUNK classic.

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